21 Mar 2017

March 2017

My new monthly blog "Sustainable Organic Gardening" is a gateway to the pages of my (10) older blogs.  The data contained in these pages deals with different aspects of my gardening story.


The new blog's pages are summaries of the same topics, but they contain embedded links which go to the original blog pages for more detail.


In future, the pages in the older blogs will be updated regularly, but I will not be posting to the blogs themselves.


Regular updates will continue to my Facebook and Google+ pages.


John Ashworth .....23rd March 2017.

5 Oct 2016

October 2016.

The dwarf apple tree is starting to blossom despite the cold wintry weather.
The olive tree is in bud, and I'm looking forward to another healthy harvest this year.

30 Sep 2016

September 2016(2).

We had a great display of blossom on our dwarf espalier apples last year, and this year is shaping up to be even better.  Unfortunately last year, due to inclement weather or possibly inappropriate use of chemical pesticides by neighbours, my pollinators did not turn up for work and I lost the whole crop.

There seem to be plenty of bees around this year and I have more flowering plants available to keep them interested, so I am hoping they clock in on time.  If not I will have to sack them and hand pollinate the apples myself.